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Annual Survey Results

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2018 Survey Details

Academic Programs & Support Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
1. My child is better prepared for class from the help he/she gets at the Club. 42% 58%    
2. The Club has a positive effect on my child’s grades. 38% 60% 2%  
Safety, Wellbeing, and Growth Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
3. My child looks forward to coming to the Club. 58% 40% 2%  
4. At the Club, my child is learning how to be caring, productive and responsible. 52% 48%    
5. The Club is a safe place for my child. 69% 31%    
6. The Club helps my child learn new things so that he/she can succeed in life. 54% 44% 2%  
7. The Club provides opportunities for my child to have physical activity and exercise. 71% 27% 2%  
Special Programs & Enrichment Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
8.Special activities at the Club have taught my child things that are useful to him/her. 49% 49% 2%  
9. My child gets to do things in programs at the Club that are not available for him/her elsewhere. 46% 47% 7%  
Communication, Awareness, & Support Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
10. There is open communication with staff and myself regarding my child. 60% 38%    

The Boys and Girls Club of Morgan County has been a blessing for Mooresville Schools and Newby Memorial Elementary School. Three years ago, the director to write a 21st Century Scholars Grant approached me. This grant would provide free before and after school care, at Newby Memorial, for close to 80 of our students. In my mind, I thought this would be a blessing for our parents, knowing that they would not need to worry about the money to pay for childcare, but also know that they are safe. However, working with the Boys and Girls Club has exceeded my expectations and goals.

I am very grateful every day for the staff, volunteers, donations and activities, and wonderful care that our students receive. The staff is truly dedicated to raising leaders in our community, and giving them experiences they may not receive at school or at home. I see students involved in compassion projects, showing empathy towards others, and giving back to those around us. The staff models to our students what a servant leader is, which I believe is very important in our society.

The staff truly exemplifies best practice instruction within a fun and hands-on setting. Each staff member strives to reach and motivate ALL of the students through creative homework practice and strategies, and community projects. Their focus is on the whole-child to make sure they are excelling in all areas.

I am in awe of the resiliency of the Morgan County Boys and Girls Club staff and board volunteers. Newby Memorial has forever changed, due to this partnership. It is my hope, that it will be a partnership we sustain for many years.   In my 15 years working with various Boys and Girls Clubs across central and southern Indiana, the staff, kids and families at The Boys and Girls Club of Morgan County have reminded me every day that, with a little compassion and caring, we can create a future filled with hope and meaning.

Thank you for supporting our Kids, Our Future

Mrs. Krista Nelson

How has your family been changed by the Club?

It is a positive place.

Makes life easier.

Puts us at ease that my child is safe.

They have come since it opened and have had a great experience.

Helps keep children’ minds involved in something other than mischief.

Honestly could not afford childcare otherwise.

She would be home alone.

She is more of a team player.

No longer have to leave work early.

Learning social skills and citizenship.

Enjoys activities and is doing better in group settings.

Helps me so I can work.

Safe place while I work I am a single parent.

Give me the ability to work.

Don’t know what I would do without the Club.

I would not be able to afford to work.

Very positive environment.

Positive social interactions for my son.

He enjoys the activities. Easier to know the children are being taken care of. Homework is always done.

I just appreciate the communication between the staff.

children and parents.

Safe before and after school because mom works.

Nice reliable place.

They feel safe.

Love that she has her homework done.

She is a lot happier.

I would not be able to pay for another program.

I would really struggle w/o the BGC.

The kids enjoy coming.

I worry less about what my kids are doing.

Helps improve social skills.

I would not be able to work and attend school. My boys love coming to the Club.

This place is great.

Finish this statement – “My child is a member at the Boys and Girls Club because:

It is an affordable and positive place for her.

We need before & after school care.

They like the physical activity and the ability to do on-line homework.

They get more communication with other kids.

They like it.

He needed more child interaction.

Great place for her to go afterschool.

Ability to meet new people and be physically & mentally active.

Safe place.

Getting a lot of benefit & making friends.

Enjoys interacting with kids.

Loves the kids.


field trips and projects.

My kids want to attend.

Safe place.

Mommy has to work.

Good staff.

I know they will be safe and get their homework done.

Safe & fun environment.

Good interaction.

Great program.

The BGC makes it easy and affordable.

Nice active place.

like to make new friends.

Helps keep her busy and she is not home alone.

She is a member because she wants to.

They teach her to be part of a team.

Great opportunity for my kids to get help with school work and participate in activities.

We need after care that is less expensive.

I need a safe & affordable place after school.

Positive atmosphere & social environment.

Safe place afterschool.

Great program.

Parent and grandparents work this gives kids a safe place.

They can continue to be functional members of society.

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