Happy Feel Good Friday!

Hope you and yours are enjoying the beauty and abundance of life this Summer! Boys & Girls Club of Morgan County youth and teens are doing just that everyday at the Club! You and our community are our support and inspiration – to provide hope and opportunity for all young people! You cannot be thanked enough! 

You are invited to visit the Club!  We would love to have you join us!  For today, we would like to give you a look inside our doors and experience what a typical summer day can be like for young people with the Club. Because of the great care and hard work of our advocates, volunteers, donors, partners, and Youth Development Professionals the Club is open this summer 10.5 hours per day Monday through Friday. That is 52.5 hours per week, serving over 60 youth, 19 Club staff, and 10 community-based program partners! 

Mental Health & Wellness. The Boys & Girls Club is actively partnering with mental health organizations and providers to coach up our local youth and teens. Youth 1st is a counselling and social work organization making impact in Morgan County. Through our newly formed partnership Ms Nikki, form Youth 1st is with the B&G Club 5 hours each week, leading mental wellness programming for our middle and upper age group of members.    

Have you heard it said – “You are what you eat” ? Once again Club youth are working in the garden, growing healthy veggies and flowers. A new partnership with Freshway Farms provides mentoring and learning about agricultural science! 

Do you remember the freedom of being a teenager and riding your bike around town and from town to town? Club Rides does this every Monday night on our community rides! Partners from City Changers and the Barbara B Jordan YMCA join our Club Riders for exercise, guidance, and fellowship! Join us in August for a bike ride and rekindle the freedom that helped shape your direction when you were a teenager. 

Guiding youth to give their best in school. Like READ WITH ME program mentors are doing. Over 300 hours collectively of reading at the Club this summer and over 1500 hours of math and reading skill building all year long. With a deep focus on academics our library books get a lot of use, so KohlsCares donated 1,238 books this summer . Kohls and many other people like those at Kohls,  donate to the Club  daily, providing Club kids the tools they need to succeed in the classroom and in life! 

Introducing interests and ideas that inspire youth to be curious and explore learning and life more fully! Many parents say that the Club provides an outlet and experiences that their kids would not have without the Club!  Our summer learning excursions are supported by funding from Cops for Kids, Untied Way of Central Indiana, Indiana Youth Institute, and the Kendrick Foundation. Congratulations on giving such thoughtfulness and love, to keep all kids growing up strong and to create their intended place in our community! 

Leading because the only true direction is ahead. We all face adversity in our lives, everyday sometimes, sometimes multiple adversities. Learning resilience, the fact that you are not alone, and how to care for yourself and one another are some of life’s important lessons. Crosswinds Counseling is a program partner, volunteering to provide group guidance and individualized services for boys & girls this summer. Ms Elaina leads Passport to Manhood a 12 step program guiding boys in the important decisions and actions they will make as young men. Passport To Manhood is sponsored by Ray Wealth Management, Mr and Mrs Otto Ray.   

And the Creative Arts, developed and led this summer by Miss Bernade of the Painted Pose! Again, another caring, hard working,  adult in-charge; teaching and inspiring youth to create their best life and to express their individual voice!  

Working together, inspiring each other, our future leaders. Senator John Crane spent part of an afternoon at the Club recently, right on the frontlines with the kids and staff. So great! Senator Crane and his colleagues in the State Senate voted this year to include Indiana Kids in the state budget to help fund academic success programming in Boys & Girls Clubs across the state!       

Just another day?  Not this summer! The pool at Pioneer Park is refreshing and expanding experience for our upper age youth every Friday! Enjoying the rewards that are part of growing up, making good decisions, and becoming an active citizen! 

At the end of the day, the Safety of Youth is our TOP PRIORITY. Club volunteers, donors, and advocates alongside of Community minded individuals,  leaders, and club staff give back every day for the youth & teens we serve!

Because now is the only time there is. All kids deserve their shot at becoming engaged, connected,  and satisfied future- adult citizens. Enjoy the rewards of the hard work and great care that you give. In just a few years our local youth are entering the work force. Each young person will impact of community one way or another. Thank you for being here, with the Club, in so many ways to help guarantee the success of our kids & teens!   

Hope you enjoyed your Feel Good Friday Club house tour. You are building a safe place for young people to grow and become! You cannot be thanked enough for all you do and give to help young people succeed.

Enjoy your Summer and join me at the Club, soon. Together, with you, we work toward Great Futures for all young people.
Thank you for your giving and for having local youth in your hearts. 

Chris Tann
Executive Director
Boys & Girls Club of Morgan County

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