Sharing wishes from the Boys & Girls Club of Morgan County for you, that this Christmas Time and Holiday Season will be your light, beaming hope & warmth,  brightening the memory of 2020, casting an encouragement beacon of guidance for all in the New Year!

This morning I was given the gift of a good read, an article found in one of my favorite newspapers. The article, originally written by Elizabeth Bernstein, can be found in the 12/22/20 edition of The Wall Street Journal. It is titled, The Best Advise Our Elders Ever Gave Us.  

So, as the morning darkness peered through the office window and a hot cup of coffee befriended me, I was wrapped, reflecting on the wisdom shared by my elders and brought to mind through this article.

May I ask if you would allow me to share some of the ideas in this article with you but through the lens of the Boys & Girls Club?

Think Positive.

Always proceed as if there will be enough. It’s a brave and positive way to face “what-if” situations. At the Club, through your generosity and Spirit, youth & teens are learning to believe in their gifts & talents and that they have what it takes to be successful at life.

Focus on what Matters. 

“Buy only the things you need. Treat yourself once in a while with an ice cream cone ( its affordable). Use the library. Give gifts of food for the holidays. Appreciate the day, no matter how difficult.” Your giving and philanthropy provided Boys & Girls Club programs and services for hundreds of youth and families in our community this year. A youth membership to the Club costs families just $20 per year. The actual value is over $1,100 per child. Donations help us fill the gap and serve more kids. And, it is only possible with your donations.

Manage your emotions.

There are ways to cope with tension and not bring it into relationships. Help someone else if you are feeling low. You will both be doing better.
Club youth are mentored by caring adults and young adults. Club members develop resilience through social-emotional learning in Club programming. Youth identify and engage activities that build interest and exploration. This outlet and hands-on experience relieves tension from the stressors in young lives that have become much too prevalent today.

Look to the future.

“Consider what will be  most valuable when you look back years later, having a fun new experience or sticking with stability.” Imagine that “tomorrow will be better”. ” The cornerstone of our elders’ advice is hope. If you can manifest hope, then you can have the strength and the fortitude to carry on.”  Young people are our future. You and donors like you understand this and the value of investing in Great Futures. Youth will impact our community, one way or the other.

Find joy.

We all have seasons to our lives, some are sunny, others are just plain dreary. There is love as well as sadness. ” It helps to see that you can experience the worst loss imaginable and still there can be joy, adventure, success and happiness in your life.” Every day that we are safe there will be joy. Every time we can eat and our children can eat there will be joy. Ever day that we live, moving one step closer to freedom, there will be joy.”

Thank you for having our youth and teens in your heart. Congratulations for your generosity of love and kindness given for the young people who need us most. It is with deepest admiration that we thank you for the positive difference you make in the lives of young people.

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Happiest of Holidays and much wellness in the New Year for all.

We are truly blessed by your friendship!

Chris Tann
Executive Director
Boys & Girls Club of Morgan County

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