Happy Feel Good Friday! 

The Summer vacations are warm memories. Labor Day rewarded you and I for our strong efforts to provide for our households and community through our work and professions. School, for all students, is more than under way.

Youth & teens with the Boys & Girls Club of Morgan County are part of something bigger –  socially, emotionally, mentally, physically, and in spirit. The Club is a place where all young people find a sense of belonging – a place to “become”. Good things are happening for our community’s young people, because of your caring and having our young people in your heart. 

Well, let’s begin with our mission. “To empower and inspire all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential to become productive, responsible, caring citizens.”

The cost to families is very low, so that all youth have access to Club programs and services.  Your giving is so, so, soooo caring and thoughtful, to support the Club’s mission and provide equal opportunity to world class, out of school time programs for so many local youth and teens.

MIBOR professionals know it!  MIBOR’s commitment to volunteer, donate, and lead career days with the Boys & Girls Club provides Club members with inspiration to dream big and empowers Club members with knowledge about the responsibilities and rewards of  becoming an active, responsible, engaged  citizen in our community.

Curiosity, teamwork, confidence, social cohesion, life-long learning are necessary formative experiences for success in life. All so important for all of us to embrace. The Club’s Youth Development Professionals prepare content everyday and engage youth & teens in safe, productive activities & programs that foster these necessary experiences, building successes, small and large, daily.   Your giving supports quality out of school time learning and youth development through the work of the Club’s professional team, part-time staff, and volunteers.

Banzai! All I can say is Banzai! And with that, give thanks for HomeBank and for our volunteers Mr Tony and Ms Denise. HomeBank generously invested to bring personal financial education to Club members through an advanced yet accessible platform called, Banzai! Volunteers, like Mr Tony teach, educate and breathe life into the curriculum to engage and help teens prepare for financial success in life. 

We do live in the Mid-West, in Indiana, in Morgan County, and we are kind, here. But, doesn’t feel like this world we are living in is changing, sometimes accepting of less civility toward our fellow humans and life on earth? Social cohesion, connection,  encouragement, and kindness – Club members learn about healthy peer-to-peer interactions and have a wealth of opportunity at the Club out to practice kindness with peers from around our county. Kindness is something all people have in their hearts and it is something can grow, with coaching. 

Every year for the last 14 years the Celebrity Golf Outing has committed to making positive change by giving for our community’s greatest resource, our youth & teens.

With the guidance of Ms Rachel Reecer , Mr Kevin Lollar, Mr Joe Tutterow, Mr Neal McNalley, Mr Jeremiah Johnson, Mr Ron Overton, Mr Eric Strohmeyer, and Mr BJ Pendill, 120 golfers, 35 sponsors, 30 volunteers, and 20 celebrities are raising more than  $80,000 for Boys & Girls Club and our life changing programs & services!   This is such a kind and thoughtful thing to do. Thank you. The Celebrity Golf Outing is at The Links at Heartland Crossing on Friday September 16th.

And what are some of these life-changing programs that happen at the Club after school and during school breaks? Well, here a just a couple and if you like these, there are a lot more where they came from! So many good things happening at the Club.

REACH – Physical Activity and Nutrition programming with Purdue Extension.

Visual Arts with The Painted Pose

Agricultural Science with Freshway Farm

Music theory and performance with  Woodridge Music Academy. 

 And, this is why. Our young people will have an impact on our community one way or the other. Youth who are 10 years old today will be graduating from high school in just 8 years. This time goes quickly and all young people need  kindness, coaching, and training to make good life long decisions that will empower them to have a plan for success in life when they complete high school. These good decisions do not come naturally, they are instilled in us through consistent guidance and training throughout our years when we are young, from caring adults, like you and like those with the Boys & Girls Club team. 

Hope you enjoyed your Feel Good Friday message! You are building a safe place for young people to grow and become! You cannot be thanked enough for all you do and give to help young people succeed. Thank you for caring! 
One more activity…Karate at the Club with Indiana Martial Arts.

With gratitude,

Chris Tann
Executive Director
Boys & Girls Club of Morgan County

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