Happy Thanksgiving!

This is such a favorite holiday and time of year, a time for each other and thankfulness. Reaching out to all who we remember because of their caring and impact on our lives. Gathering with friends and family in great and small ways. Giving thanks for what we are blessed with and understanding that even in seasons of hardship there is Love. Empowering each other with compassion, empathy, and encouragement.

You are who we are thankful for. May I ask for a few minutes of your time and explain why? 

You help young people succeed academically. At the Club, multitudes of hours are invested by our members, volunteers, advocates, donors, and staff to guarantee that Club members are prepared for school everyday. Tutoring, math & reading games, STEM activities and art projects are just some of the ways Club members prepare at the Club for in school learning.

You know that it takes a village. The partnership of Parents, Guardians, and the Boys & Girls Club is a partnership in caring, productivity, and responsibility. Volunteers lead the Club, You and loving people like you, through your thoughtful giving make the Club experience a reality for so many local youth & teens. Families and Club staff engage Club members in programs to guide each child to their full potential and become adults, active citizens. 100% of Club families agree that their child is learning how to be caring, productive, and responsible while at the Club. 

Our team serves our community’s young people because of you and because it is our duty. We have fun mentoring and guiding our kids! What could be more important?      

You create and uphold our community and sense of community. We are thankful for so many kind-hearted and capable community organizations. The Kiwanis Club of Mooresville,  for more than 47 years,  is an example of a group of people donating their hard work, great care, and sacrificial giving to help young people live better lives. You cannot be thanked enough!  

You give of yourself tirelessly and when you are asked to give, you give more, a signature of that special person you are. Franciscan Health and Franciscan Health employees are on the frontlines, everyday. That is never an easy calling. Yet, Franciscan Health seeks to find ways to do more for people and communities. Grantmaking as well as donations of services and supplies, like these games for our Club’s Thanksgiving Dinner and Family Bingo Night  from Franciscan, make a difference by making lives better.

And for all of the very extra-special things, YOU are always doing. Volunteers connect the Club’s mission and our community. Many Great Futures Annual Campaign Volunteers, led by Mr. Ryan Goodwin, our 2021 Honorary Campaign Chair, raised $100,000 locally through your donations. The Great Futures Annual Campaign supports Club operations and programming, like SmartMoves, Triple Play, Indiana Kids, The Teen Center of Excellence, Healthy Snacks, Youth of the Year, and Summer Center Full Day, all for local youth, especially those who need us most.

The Safety of Children is The Top Priority. It is a non-negotiable and is at the core of our values.  When our community’s kids are safe, we are all able to grow and become the people who we are intended to be. From love comes safety, from safety comes hope and opportunity. Thankful for the community members, Club board members, and staff who actively engage, promote, review and make recommendations on every aspect of Club safety.  

And, this is why. Our young people will have an impact on our community one way or the other. Youth who are 10 years old today will be graduating from high school in just 8 years. This time goes quickly and all young people need  kindness, coaching, and training to make good life long decisions that will empower them to have a plan for success in life when they complete high school. These good decisions do not come naturally, they are instilled in us through consistent guidance and training throughout our years when we are young, from caring adults, like you and like those with the Boys & Girls Club team. 

You are a shining example for all because the loving and thoughtful things you do to help people grow and become. Our local Kendrick Foundation is an ever watchful partner for the Club. Kendrick’s very charitable philanthropy and network of collaborators reaches into the lives of Club youth & teens to make their lives healthier, better, and more resilient. You put smiles on the faces of Club youth every day. Kendrick’s mission, vision, caring, and financial investment are changing lives and saving lives. Thank you for a fantastic partnership in reaching more youth with physical activity, good nutrition, and mental health programs!

Have a wonderful, warm, and memorable Thanksgiving! This holiday is about sharing and opening doors for each other. You are so deeply appreciated for being you and for all that you do.  Wishing you much love, a fullness of gratitude for all of the people and times in your life, and a veritable cornucopia of good clean fun! 

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