Happy Feel Good Friday!

Well Thursday, today.

You are probably thinking of Independence Day and the holiday weekend! It will be a little different this year, but you will be with some family and friends. You will be celebrating the freedoms we enjoy in the U.S.A. and remembering all women, men, and families who serve to protect our independence and freedom.

Today, you have a tour of a typical day with the Boys & Girls Club of Morgan County. Please think of these Feel Good Photographs as a gift for you, for all that you give and do to support successful outcomes for our local youth!

Becoming active citizens and accepting independence is a journey that youth prepare for at the Boys & Girls Club. For local youth, the Club is part of a network that supports healthy growth and development toward independence. For some kids though, the Club is a rare source of safety, guidance, and encouragement toward reaching their full potential.

You are a difference maker in the lives of young people. You know that your time, energy, and donations change the direction of young people’s lives. Your commitment strengthens the potential for more youth to become engaged and to become successful in their future leadership roles, families, careers, and community involvement.

You visit the Club daily and offer your help for young people. Like LOWES who donated 250 face masks today.

You guide youth to give their best in school. Like READ WITH ME program mentors are doing with Club kids today.

You introduce interest and ideas that inspire youth to be curious and explore learning and life more fully, like the Morgan County Master Gardeners are doing today.

You lead because the only true direction is ahead. Like volunteer on our board of directors are doing today, to strengthen the Club for the kids who need us most.

You engage with others to be well and to safely enjoy life. More than ever connection is the lifeblood of emotional wellness. Today teenage youth in the Club Riders bicycling club are being well together, growing, accepting challenges, and safely gaining independence.

You work because you have gifts to contribute, because all lives have purpose, and contributing feels good. Today, Club youth are working in teams to beautify our Club house.

We all have to eat and provide some for others. Healthy snacks, nutrition habits, and meals are being enjoyed today at the Club and by over 800 guests from our community who stop by the Club for free healthy foods.

You all give back. Volunteers are here today to make a difference as best they can for the youth we serve.

You are generous, kind, thoughtful, and wise. Today you and others like you gave from their hearts and bank accounts to invest in great futures for all young people and because an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

Hope you enjoyed your Feel Good Friday Club house tour. You are building a safe place for young people to grow and become! You cannot be thanked enough for all you do and give to help young people succeed.

Enjoy your Independence this July 4th Weekend! You have earned it, accepted it, and respected it. And, this is what we work toward for all local youth.

Thank you for your giving and for having local youth in your hearts.

With deep admiration and gratitude,

Chris Tann
Executive Director
Boys & Girls Club of Morgan County

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