Happy Feel Good Friday! Summertime! If you are like me, summer makes a difference. Sunshine, being outdoors, seeing family, friends, and neighbors more often, maybe even having a couple vacation days – it all adds up feeling good emotionally, physically, and in spirit. Especially in 2020! Happy Feel Good Friday!

The times have changed, but our mission remains the same. Having kids back in the Club makes a difference, too. Your giving is providing re-connection for local youth with friends, peers, and caring adult mentors – for the first time in many months! Coming back to the Club helps kids be safer, healthier, to have more support amid the challenges of the COVID 19, and it prepares them for success in the classroom when they return to school. And, it is only possible with your donations!

Bike rides, healthy snacks, team sports, reading, science experiments, crafts, art projects, jokes, group games, volunteering, and so much more are all part of the Club’s 50- plus hours of weekly programs and activities!

In partnership with Mt Gilead Church and You,- our Club family of donors, partners, volunteers, and staff – Club Members have a safe place to grow, engage in active citizenship, and strengthen resilience during the Summer of 2020. You are investing in HOPE and OPPORTUNITY for youth, empowering each to grow academically, emotionally, safely, physically. Thank you for ALL you do to support young lives with the Boys & Girls Club of Morgan County.

We spent the past week visiting with public service men and women and local businesses. Just to say, “Hi” , “Thank you” and get to know each other a little bit better. Thank you Mooresville Police Department!

LOWES Team! Thank you!

Brown Township Fire Department! Awesome!

A Brand New Air Boat! Summer is good!

Your giving makes summer growing and learning experiences possible! Thank you so much. You are changing the direction of young peoples lives. Your heart for kids and generosity for making Great Futures provides youth with a safe place & guidance, time to grow & build necessary skills for successfully navigating life’s opportunities and challenges. You are giving youth connection and fun at a time when it is most needed. You are ensuring that youth with the Boys & Girls Club are better prepared, whatever it takes, when they arrive at our country’s next normal.

There is no doubt that the year ahead will be a tough one for local youth. The challenges and potential set-backs are already beyond belief. Your investment in Club youth and youth development programming makes a difference by ensuring that youth have the resources they need to develop necessary skills to succeed.

Building our Future Leaders, Today! Thank you to the Links at Heartland Crossing for being the home of the Boys & Girls Club of Morgan County Celebrity Golf Outing, this September! Sponsorship opportunities right now for local business to promote and partner with the Boys & Girls Club mission. Guiding youth to become active citizens!

The kids need more face masks to wear at the Club. If you are able to donate paper or cloth masks, please contact the Club, 317-834-9744. Thank you to Angie Kath and family for donating 25 masks this week! You are a difference maker!

Hope you enjoyed Feel Good Friday! Stories of hope, resilience, and community! Have a fantastic weekend and thank you for having local youth in your hearts.

With gratitude,

Chris Tann
Executive Director
Boys & Girls Club of Morgan County

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