Best Wishes To You For A Great Month Ahead!

So, this is a great time to get together and share large amounts of gratitude for your generous caring and for all of the thoughtful and loving things you do to support our community’s young people! 

Join me at the Club for Eat. Thank. Love! We are so happy to be hosting this Community Thank You Luncheon! Just the Club’s way of expressing our gratitude for you and for others like you, for having Club youth & teens in your heart.  

Not a Fundraiser, No charge to attend. No charge for the delicious lunch, Bring a friend, Valentine’s Day Themed, To Thank You for Advocating, Volunteering, Donating, and Partnering in our mission- guaranteeing  the success of all young people – Whatever It Takes.  Because it is YOU and people like you, who open doors of hope and opportunity for the youth and teens we serve.  

We would love to welcome you at 11:30 am, treat you to lunch, mingle with so many community-minded people and friends of the Boys & Girls Club and enjoy the up-beat entertainment of our professional D.J.

Our goals for Eat. Thank. Love are simple – To share our deep gratitude for you for your caring and investment in the lives of our kids, to provide you with an authentic  Boys & Girls Club experience, share an update on our program, and to break bread together over a delicious lunch. No charge to attend. Not A Fundraiser. Just Gratitude! 

Beginning at Noon, we will have a packed one-hour program filled with messages of hope, generosity, gratitude, and community! You will be back on your way to work and your weekend at 1 pm! You will be energized, feeling so great, and ready for doing more !  

Our Visionary Heroes 2022 will be awarded for their endless energies to plot the Club’s trajectory and horizon, while leaning in on the heavy lifting to empower the youth & teens we serve with Hope and Opportunity ! Our previous Visionary Hero Awardees include Kevin and Robbi Lollar, Neal and Cindy McNalley, Randy Taylor, MCSC Transportation, Shane and Rebecca Williams, and Kevin and Lorie Dillon.

This year’s very special guest speakers are
A’Niyah Birdsong, Miss Indiana 2021,
Trish Weber, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Franciscan Health Carmel and Mooresville Campuses, and
Jennifer Heller, Parent of Boys & Girls Club Member. 

We could not be more honored or heartened to be hosting the impactful messages from these incredibly caring, responsible, and productive women!  

And, All  Because of YOU! This is what your kindness provides,  Inspiration and Empowerment for all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential to be productive, responsible, caring citizens.  And, it is only possible because of your kindness. 

Our deep, deep gratitude for Franciscan Health for volunteering for this event!  Tina Hoffman, Donna Brawley, Ken Wagerner, and many other Franciscan team members have volunteered for the planning and logistics for Eat. Thank. Love! I love it! 

Franciscan Health’s Social Impact Partnership Program alongside with the Kendrick Foundation’s philanthropic partnership for improving the health of Morgan County residents reaches Boys & Girls Club of Morgan County Youth & Teens daily, with programs and services that are backed with scientifically based evidence as to their effectiveness for helping young people succeed, thrive, and grow to become the adults who they are intended to be. 

Eat. Thank. Love. All this and so much more! Our delicious lunch is being prepared by Lisa James – Heavenly Helpings and Valentine’s Day Cake Balls are being prepared for you by Sheeba Thomas – The Batter Bowl! Thank you so much Lisa and Sheeba for sharing your gifts! You are always there for the Boys & Girls Club and you cannot be Loved-On enough!  

“Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.” A.A. Milne

Thank you, All, for advocating, volunteering, donating, and partnering, with the Boys & Girls Club to empower our community’s youth & teens with the coaching & training they need to succeed in life ! Whatever It Takes!  Your kindness and generosity make a difference here. You and all that you do are so greatly appreciated. Thank you! Please join me and our guests at the Club for Eat. Thank. Love! 

 You are building a safe place for young people to grow and become! 

Together, with you, we all are working toward Great Futures for our young people. Thank you for caring!  

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